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Senseon Secure Access is a RFID electronic locking system. This concealed system brings greater security, efficiency, and reliability than the traditional lock-and-key. A flexible, modular design lets you install Senseon in existing access points.

Proximity Reader

All you need is one Proximity Reader to support as many as 15 openings. Place the reader on or beneath a cabinet’s surface where it can scan your keycard, fob or other RFID credentials.

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Make sure the location and orientation of the Proximity Reader enables scanning of a user card.

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Senseon Electronic Locks connect to Hubs. Hubs connect to other Hubs, the Proximity Reader, and the Power Supply. One Hub per opening is recommended.

Plan Hubs Into Your Design

Hubs can be mounted vertically or horizontally inside a cabinet.


Senseon Electronic Locks are low-profile, energy-efficient, and able to withstand as much as 250lbs. of break-force. You can choose from standalone electronic locks or electronic locks integrated into side or undermount drawer slides. Senseon electronic locks are available with Auto-Open, Touch Release, Easy-Close, and Standard Open.

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Types of E-Lock Mounting


Some of our slides, like the 38EL Electronic Slide Lock, can be mounted to the side of a drawer. This is a common type for light- and medium-duty applications.


Senseon electronic locks, such as the 10EL Electronic Lock , can come standalone for retrofits onto existing hinged or sliding access points.


Typically used for heavy duty applications, the 3135TREL locking slide sits under the drawer.

Sliding Door

Similar to stand alone lock units. the 5EL Electronic Locks allow retrofitting solutions.

Integrated Features




Accuride, the world leader in movement solutions, is the first manufacturer to offer an electronic locking slide.

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Power Supply

The Power Supply uses a standard wall outlet to send power to the other Senseon components. The Power Supply is typically mounted to the lower area of a cabinet.

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The power supply connects to a bottom hub located on either end of a hub group and has a profile less than 1.5″ deep.

For critical dimensions and hole patterns, please refer to the installation guide.

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Senseon cables come in preset lengths and don’t require electrical expertise to install. Extension cables are universal and can be connected to other extension cables, enabling design freedom.

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