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Concealed Touch-Release

The 3135TREL is a concealed undermount slide with Touch Release and Integrated Electronic Lock.

  • Load rating up to 100 lbs.
  • Full extension
  • Even lengths 12″-28″, 15″ and 21″
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The Senseon 3135TREL is a concealed undermount slide with an Integrated Electronic Lock and Touch Release feature.

Rated up to a 100 lbs. load with a full-extension, durable and smooth movement, it is built for heavy use where aesthetics and convenience are key desirables.

Simple in design, easy to install and adjust, the Senseon 3135TREL connects with the Senseon Access Control System for unparalleled cabinet-level access and security.


  • Innovative electronic touch release enables easy drawer access
  • No visible surface hardware (handles, locks) or drawer slides
  • Load rating up to 100 lbs.
  • Full extension
  • E-lock includes manual override
  • Low voltage e-lock withstands up to 250 lbs. of break force
  • Even lengths 12″– 28″, 15″ and 21″

Required Kits:

1 Proximity Kit per system installation.

  • Includes Proximity Reader and Power Supply

1 Hub Kit per drawer or cabinet door opening.

  • Modular wiring hub comes with two hub-to-lock cables and a hub connection cable

Optional Kits

Extension Cable: Available in lengths 6″, 12″, and 24″

Link Cable: Available as Top and Bottom Link Cables

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