Senseon at a Glance

Driven by RFID technology, the Senseon cabinet-level electronic locking system is used to enhance the patient experience in hospitals by providing a safe and convenient means to secure medications, supplies, and patient records.

Integrated Access Control

Senseon integrates with access control systems such as Lenel, Andover, and S2 to ensure your contents are secure.

A High-Security Electronic Locking System

Equipped with auto-relock, Senseon ensures supplies and medications are secure, even if your staff forgets.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Senseon’s unobtrusive design gives you the freedom to construct functional and aesthetically pleasing casework without any cumbersome keyholes.


Easy-to-install and maintain, Senseon is a simple plug-and-play system comprised of several modular components.


Senseon helps ensure your facility is in full compliance with Joint Commission and CMS regulations.

Mitigate Risks

Senseon reduces touch points throughout your facility to lower the spread of infectious diseases.

    64% of 100 surveyed hospital executives reported that items were stolen by patients and/or family members (VHA Inc.)
  • $52MILLION
    Patient theft costs hospitals $6,000 every hour (VHA Inc.)

Designed For Your Facility

With its low-profile hidden design, you can integrate Senseon into virtually any casework in your hospital’s facilities.

Medication Storage

By integrating into your facility’s access control system, Senseon allows you to authenticate and control who has access – ensuring all scheduled drugs are safely secured.

Nurse Server Station

Senseon’s locking two-way travel slide keeps equipment, narcotics, and supplies secure while nurses and doctors tend to patients.

Senseon secures sanitation supplies

Sanitation Closet

Acting as a standalone system, Senseon keeps potentially hazardous chemicals and cleaning supplies safe from patients and visitors.

Patient Record Storage

While a significant amount of recordkeeping has gone digital, physical records are still very much so in use. Senseon’s hidden electronic locks keep patient records in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Patient Storage

With Senseon, patients can rest easy knowing their valuables are safely stored nearby during their stay.

Forensic Evidence Lockers

Preserving the integrity of evidence for law enforcement from crime victims in emergency rooms and other areas of the hospital is of the utmost importance. Senseon maintains the chain of custody, ensuring evidence goes unbothered until the ready for processing by the appropriate parties.

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Enhanced Security

Senseon locks are up to 400% stronger than traditional keyed locks. This strength keeps the contents inside the cabinet safe from strong-arm subversion attempts.

Efficient Operations

Comprised of several modular components, Senseon is easy-to-install and maintain. With just a few taps of an administrator card, operations personnel can add and delete users within minutes.

Enriched Aesthetics

Patient experience is the primary driver behind hospital design. While Senseon is a security tool, its low-profile makes it an outstanding design asset. This electronic access control system is designed for seamless integration with virtually any cabinet design with no cumbersome keyholes.


Our team strives to stay abreast of Joint Commission, DNV, HFAP, HIPAA, and CMS regulations to provide the best locking solutions for your health system.

Control Costs

Senseon is not just a security tool, it also controls costs by mitigating risks, streamlining processes, and requiring little to no maintenance.

Seamless Integration

While Senseon is known for its ability to integrate into cabinet designs, it also integrates with other healthcare access control systems. Senseon can integrate with access control systems like Andover, Lenel, and S2 to help create a secure hospital environment.


Since 1962, our team has worked with designers and engineers to improve functionality and aesthetics in cabinetry across a variety of industries including healthcare. With knowledge of Joint Commission, CMS, and other regulations our team works with you to create a locking solution that will help enhance the patient experience by making your facility compliant, safer, and more efficient.

Superior Functionality and Aesthetics for Your Casework.

Senseon provides features and functions that adapt to your facility’s needs and help reduce the spread of infectious diseases.





Integrated Features

These available features help increase convenience and reduce the spread of infectious diseases by reducing surface interaction.


Once Unlocked, users can use their hand, elbow, or foot to push the drawer open to access contents.


Brings drawers to a smooth, quiet close every time to not disturb patients with slamming drawers.

Auto Open

Auto open feature propels drawers and doors open 2″, making it the ideal solution for environments in which users may not have a free hand to pull a cabinet drawer or door open.

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